The Perfect Summer Caftan

This past weekend we celebrated Catherine’s wedding to Kevin and it is safe to say that it lived up to our expectations and then some – well actually a lot more.  I won’t give away too many details; I’ll let Catherine do that when she’s ready to share some photos from the big day! I will say that we danced into the wee hours of Friday morning to the likes of Bieber, Spice Girls + Britney Spears, champagne in hand. And now, Catherine is down south in West Palm Beach enjoying her honeymoon with Kevin and I am extreeeeeemely jealous; I’m sure you all are too.

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Midsummer Dreaming into Fall

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This jumpsuit is named adequately “Midsummer’s Dream” and I sure do feel like I’m a little fairy flitting thru the woods when I’m wearing it. Literally, it makes me want to prance around.  However, we have said goodbye to the dog days of summer and are making our way well into fall here in #RVA.  This morning I woke up and it was so chilly, I almost had to put on a jacket. As cliche as it is to say, how is it seriously almost mid-October?!  Continue reading “Midsummer Dreaming into Fall”

A Glowing Aura

*As seen on The Crystal PressH&M Bloglovin EntryIt’s hard to believe that we launched The Crystal Press over a year ago, and until now I’ve never mentioned how I came to be a fashion blogger. A bug in my ear by a major designer led to to a brainstorm session with Cath years later, and it’s a great feeling to finally be doing something that I feel so passionate about.  Let me tell y’all how it all got started.

Just out of college I worked at Modelogic here in Richmond, cultivating my love for all things styling and fashion related, and I got a call from my mom telling me that Amy Smilovic, founder / designer of Tibi, was at our local Saks Fifth Avenue store. If I could, she said, I should get down there ASAP.  * I remember exactly the outfit I was wearing that day – a girly blouse with boyfriend jeans, a pair of Frye wedges and probably a million bracelets *  Amy told me that she loved my style and that I should look up two blogs which she thought I could gain inspiration from and that shared my same dressed-up tomboy vibes. One of these, of course, was The Man Repeller. Amy said Leandra was doing innovative things in the fashion blogging world and that I should take note — boy was that an understatement.  From there, I started down a path of a series of tumblrs, and eventually Cath and I decided to take the plunge. H&M Bloglovin Entry

I don’t tell that story to brag or to say look-at-me, but instead to say that it inspired me to always embrace my personal style no matter what and to never forget to keep dreaming.  It took awhile from that day — years in fact — to get here, but that just makes me dream even bigger, and it sure as hell helps that Cath shares the same dream.

So on that note – a few things about this outfit — first off, this H&M Caftan spoke to me because of its’ free-flowing and not-suffocating-my-body nature, and I’ve got to say, it is certain to become a staple in my wardrobe this summer. There’s nothing that I love more than something I can just throw on and — voila! outfit made. (I’ll probably grab it in a few other colors as well).  Second of all, we all know I like to throw the fashion rulebook out the window, so these sparkly socks with suede heels (even in the middle of the summer!) were a must to keep up the feeling-like-I’m-glowing aura that came with the bright color of the dress.  And you can’t go wrong pairing Chanel + Ray-Bans with anything. SO, there we have it. What fashion rules will you break this summer? H&M Bloglovin Entry

H&M Bloglovin EntryH&M Bloglovin EntryH&M Bloglovin EntryH&M Bloglovin EntryPatterned Dress, H&M // Socks, Topshop // Icons, Ray-Ban. // Heels (safe, splurge)
Arm Party: Watch // Bangles // Beads

PHOTOS: the amazing Bree El

Four Seasons New York

*As seen on The Crystal PressIf our Snapchat during NYFW wasn’t evidence enough, let me remind you that one of our favorite parts about New York Fashion Week (yes we are still talking about it) was our stay at the Four Season Hotel. You know when you just get a “feeling” about a place? Well our feeling about the Four Seasons happened before we stepped foot out of our arriving cab. Before we knew we were there, the most elegant man opened our taxi door and said “Welcome to the Four Seasons New York, ladies” and the feeling hit us like that of the best kind of love affair.

Beware when it comes to asking Catherine or I about our love affair with the Four Seasons because we will just go on and on and on. For example, we are convinced the staff at the Four Seasons in New York possess super powers. These fine people have the art of anticipation down to a t. They knew what we wanted before we even knew what we wanted. You can imagine how this talent made room service a dream. On the same note, we left flowers out of water in our room absentmindedly and returned to our room with the flowers in a vase! And the walk in closets? Amazing. Our clothes have never been happier and that is a fact.

Among the craziness and exhaustion of NYFW, we found ourselves looking forward to getting back to this blissful hotel for mental and physical relaxation (and we are looking forward to getting back to this hotel soon!) Enoy our photo journal below and if you have the opportunity to visit this hotel,The Crystal Press highly recommends it. You will fall in love immediately, just like we did.
fs 12
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IMG_2117fs 25IMG_2341
fs 5IMG_2068
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striped set

*As seen on The Crystal Presszara set I have been trolling all of my go-to sites for months looking for an affordable matching set and was having the hardest time! I was seeing them on everyone from bloggers to musicians and was so frustrated wondering WHY CAN’T I FIND ONE! I finally snagged this Zara duo on slash and burn at the their end of the season sale and it is truly the most comfortable outfit ever. I asked Cath if it just looked like I was wearing my pajamas (cause it definitely feels like it) but she of course helped me find a way to make it presentable for public wear.

Unfortunately, it is sold out now, but I encourage you to find your favorite leisure pieces and throw on a nice dainty heel and a statement necklace for an outfit that you can wear on and off the couch!  Think of it as your updated version of your favorite Juicy Couture jumpsuit from 2004.

matching set 5matching set 4matching set 2matching set 3

matchingset7matching set 6I did find this ASOS jumpsuit that has the same vibes as this wonderful Zara set. I also have my eyes on a few Free People sets to add to my spring wardrobe that are not-so-pajama-y. Love the Gemini Set  (on sale!) & Lakeview Set.  ASOS also has a great selection of what they call Co-Ords and I love this Organza number.

TCP does NYFW: FW 2016

* As seen on The Crystal Press

We could give you a play by play of our NYFW adventures, but we have way too many photos for that. Instead, we want to provide you guys with some NYFW hacks that we wish someone would have told us before The Crystal Press attended their first fashion show. Our advice is by no means profound but after many attempts at Google on this topic, we figured we should share what we learned at NYFW FW 2016. Click read more to see photos from our NYFW adventures and to read The Crystal Press’ NYFW hacks for the newbies out there just like us! IMG_0144

Rule number one, don’t be intimidated by that fabulous girl sitting next to you. Strike up a conversation because, how do you think you are supposed to achieve your #squadgoals? Shout out to Simplee Audree Kate in this photo for making our squad goals a reality!

DSC_0960DSC_0856DSC_0871DSC_08462. Shows rarely start on time aka we are convinced this is where the term fashionably late came from. If you have an assigned seat at the runway show you are attending, do not break your heel running to the show like Catherine did. We both nearly keeled over with panic attacks when we were walking into Tadashi Shoji 5 minutes late. To our pleasant surprise, the seating was still more than half empty. If you are assigned standing room at a show, arriving early/on time is beneficial to make sure you are admitted into the show. Keep this in mind when you are trekking from show to show!
IMG_0145IMG_0146IMG_0147IMG_0148IMG_6007-1DSC_0954DSC_09283. Rap music and runways are the best combination. We couldn’t help but bust a move at the Milly F/W 2016 Show. Being next to Lennon and Maisey Stella from Nashville didn’t hurt either.
DSC_0978DSC_1035DSC_1039DSC_1045DSC_1047R+Co Hair

4. Everyone you see during NYFW looks phenomenal from head to toe. That being said,  book a blowout and/or look at the NYFW website for salons that are sponsoring fashion week. Book the appointment in advance so that you can be sure to fit in properly into your schedule! First show usually begins at 10, so an early in the morning appointment will always fit your fashion week schedule if you are wary to commit to something during the day! Worst comes to worst, if your makeup is in desperate need of a touch-up – head to a department store to brighten up. Special thanks to our friends at Shopstyle Social House for the makeup touch-ups and blowouts!



4. Lots of designers will go back and forth between putting on presentations and runway shows at fashion week. If you are double booked, keep in mind that runway shows are much shorter than presentations which usually run for about an hour! DSC_1203DSC_1259

5. REMEMBER TO EAT, feed yo brain for all of those networking parties! Remembering to eat sounds like common sense now but it is easy to forget amongst fashion week craziness!  Here are some of our favorite spots. DSC_1672DSC_1701IMG_0124IMG_1611-1-e1456168172607-768x768

6. Expect to freeze your tush off at the FW fashion shows. Be prepared to make the choice between fashion and bundling up more than once a day. Fashion photogs are everywhere looking to get the perfect street style shot so sacrificing warmth in the name of fashion is a common thing!IMG_6115-1IMG_2006-e1456150870679-768x768IMG_2009-e1456150844764-768x768IMG_2011-e1456150822676-768x768IMG_2026-e1456150555533-768x768Jenny Packham FW 2016DSC_1720

7. Last but not least, we recommend that you splurge on a hotel. When you are running around like a crazy person all day long, it is so rejuventating to come back to a comfy + clean hotel room with amenities that do all of the thinking for you. We split our time between The Westhouse NYC and The Four Seasons. Westhouse provides breakfast and happy hour daily which was absolutely crucial. The Four Seasons is a vacation in and of itself. We can’t say enough nice things about The Four Seasons New York. (a full post on our partnership with them is coming up soon!)



RED, RED, WINE (Corduroys)

*As Seen on The Crystal Press
Okay, so, this is the post where I throw on everything that I got for Christmas and make it into a passable outfit, and not to brag or anything, but I think I did a pretty good job. This faux fur vest is just too much fun and yes, I am wearing flares again (wore black paige denim a few weeks ago). Although, this time I think these definitely qualify more on the bell bottom spectrum. I have been lusting after these rag & bone corduroys since I spotted them online and was just so happy that Santa brought them to me this year! The rich, wine color + soft corduroy texture make for the perfect addition to my black & blue denim collection.  Did I mention they are on sale? Head over to shopbop asap – sizes are going quickly! The vest and tank are on sale as well – make sure to check the links below.

Bed of Roses Tank: Haute Hippie. Faux Fur Vest: Glamorous. Corduroy Bell Bottoms: rag & boneblouse: H&M. Klara Bootie: Calvin Klein.  Sunnies: Krewe’s Lyons. Lip: YSL Rouge Pur Couture.

Christmas at The Homestead

*As seen on The Crystal Press.Homestead ResortWe’ve said it a few times already this Christmas season, and are going to reiterate the “treat yourself” mantra with this pre-Christmas getaway to the Homestead. This is one of our very favorite places, considering its where I got married this summer. There’s just something about Hot Springs, VA and the Virginia Mountains that are always so welcoming. It was my first time here during the holidays and it was a truly magical stay.  From the gigantic tree in the Great Hall to the Gingerbread replica of the resort, everything was was just so Christmassy despite the 60 degree weather.

Here’s a little photo diary of my stay this time – complete with Holiday decor, the beauty of the resort and our fantastic corner room with a view 🙂 We definitely recommend adding our favorite little mountain retreat to your holiday agenda next year! Its never to early to start planning.
DSC_0722 (2)

DSC_0771DSC_0746DSC_0770DSC_0742DSC_0741DSC_0759DSC_0736DSC_0734DSC_0733DSC_0729DSC_0726DSC_0724DSC_0723DSC_0719Homestead Resort

white on white 2.0

*As seen on The Crystal Press*

white 2white 1When I got these Sam Edelman Fringe booties from Shoebox last week, I knew I wanted to recreate this all-white w black shoes winter look from earlier this year in New York. I have no shame in admitting that these are the same white jeans from the February get-up, as they are a staple in my wardrobe along w my trusty Louis Sully bag. So, here we have the its-almost-fall-so-I-can-wear-booties version of the white on white plus black thing.

(Side note: Everyone knows the No White After Labor Day Rule is SO outdated.)

white 3white 5

white 4

shop this look: IRO Tank. Sam Edelman Booties.  Free People Halter Bralette. Gorjana Necklace.