Noir + Blanc

Do you guys have anything in life that you seriously regret? I don’t mean, like, oops. I mean, something you can’t go back and change?

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Work in Progress

I’m sitting here, staring at my screen, waiting for inspiration to strike me, and I’m thinking ‘well, I’ll just write about how to get inspired to write a blog post.’ Very meta huh? Is that what meta is? I’ve never really understood the whole meta thing.  Butttt I digress. In all honesty, I don’t think that I could tell you anything helpful about how to get inspired to write a blog post.  I am always telling Catherine that she is so good at writing mindful, inspired posts and I’m always over here like HEY HOW COOL IS THIS DRESS?  Continue reading “Work in Progress”

Day to Night with Tart Collections

Splattered across social media and consuming small talk conversations over the past week has been the crazy weather – at least in our neck of the woods.  A few weeks ago we were graced with 8 and a half inches of snow here in RVA and by Thursday it was a balmy 68 degrees.  In such situations, I have got to make sure I am prepared for whatever may come my way when I walk out the door in the morning.

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How to Rock a Stylish Backpack

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This year for Christmas, my husband (aka Mr. TCP) got me this fabulous Rebecca Minkoff backpack. I have been wanting a backpack since they were on the cusp of being trendy and Johnny really pulled through with the perfect one.  I showed him this one as an example and was overjoyed on Christmas morning to find it under the tree.

However, I have become so accustomed to styling my crossbody and tote bags, so when I went to use this one with an outfit, it was a little awkward at first to say the least. Do I put it on? Do I hold the top loop? Cath, what do I do with this!?  After trying any and all possibilities I found that for photos, over one shoulder is definitely the way to go. Wearing it practically on my back is perfect for gallivanting around Richmond and on the streets of New York, but it just did not work in photos. So in case you have been struggling with a similar issue, there it is.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite backpacks for youuuuu below!


1 Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack //  2 Mango Quilted Backpack // 3  Sole Society Backpack // 4 Make it Work Backpack // 5 Cynthia Rowley Knox Backpack // 6 Fiorelli Anouk Backpack 

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A Homestead Christmas

If you’ve been following along with us for a while, you know that The Homestead is my most favorite place.  (If you are a new TCP follower, I got married there a year and a half ago and have been vacationing there for most of my life).  Last year when John and I went in December we recognized how absolutely magical it can be at Christmastime and lucky for us we were able to convince my parents to spend the holiday itself there this year.

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Midsummer Dreaming into Fall

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This jumpsuit is named adequately “Midsummer’s Dream” and I sure do feel like I’m a little fairy flitting thru the woods when I’m wearing it. Literally, it makes me want to prance around.  However, we have said goodbye to the dog days of summer and are making our way well into fall here in #RVA.  This morning I woke up and it was so chilly, I almost had to put on a jacket. As cliche as it is to say, how is it seriously almost mid-October?!  Continue reading “Midsummer Dreaming into Fall”

Back to Basics

img_2509Packing for Fashion Week is always SUCH a struggle. (Yes, I know this is a seriously cliche fashion blogger statement, but just bear with me).

This season, I knew I had to have some sort of strategy so as to not go totally insane during the process.  To make matters worse, I just moved into our new house this summer and my clothes are EVERYWHERE; downstairs closets, upstairs closets, the attic, my car and yes, even at Catherine’s house.  It’s always tempting to pack all of your ‘HEY LOOK AT ME’ pieces when heading to New York so as to capture the eyes (lenses) of the Street Style photogs and in our instance, yes, Cath and I would like to think of ourselves as the next Caroline Vreeland and Shea Marie. Continue reading “Back to Basics”

Girl Talk

*as seen on The Crystal PressASOS Skirt 6

There are quite a few things (aka one million) that need to be done in preparation before Fashion Week. So far, I’ve talked about one of my favorite fall trends that will make the trip with us, but there are SO many more factors that go into these bi-annual trips.  We are currently in the midst of planning for shows, parties, brand events, etc but to be honest, one of my most favorite things about the trip is the hotel sleepovers with Cath. In the morning and every night before bed we get to talk about the day, about our goals, about various other TCP goings on and also just have plain old girl talk. Continue reading “Girl Talk”

FILA Leotard

*As seen on The Crystal PressFILA 1

It has been so unbearably hot these past few weeks and it has been so tempting to just hole up in our air conditioned living room and binge watch Netflix, Hulu and HBO with a bottle of wine.  (Don’t get me wrong, there has been plenty of that )  However, there are a few summer traditions that our friends have that we do our best to repeat every year, regardless of the desert conditions and the humid Virginia air.

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A Glowing Aura

*As seen on The Crystal PressH&M Bloglovin EntryIt’s hard to believe that we launched The Crystal Press over a year ago, and until now I’ve never mentioned how I came to be a fashion blogger. A bug in my ear by a major designer led to to a brainstorm session with Cath years later, and it’s a great feeling to finally be doing something that I feel so passionate about.  Let me tell y’all how it all got started.

Just out of college I worked at Modelogic here in Richmond, cultivating my love for all things styling and fashion related, and I got a call from my mom telling me that Amy Smilovic, founder / designer of Tibi, was at our local Saks Fifth Avenue store. If I could, she said, I should get down there ASAP.  * I remember exactly the outfit I was wearing that day – a girly blouse with boyfriend jeans, a pair of Frye wedges and probably a million bracelets *  Amy told me that she loved my style and that I should look up two blogs which she thought I could gain inspiration from and that shared my same dressed-up tomboy vibes. One of these, of course, was The Man Repeller. Amy said Leandra was doing innovative things in the fashion blogging world and that I should take note — boy was that an understatement.  From there, I started down a path of a series of tumblrs, and eventually Cath and I decided to take the plunge. H&M Bloglovin Entry

I don’t tell that story to brag or to say look-at-me, but instead to say that it inspired me to always embrace my personal style no matter what and to never forget to keep dreaming.  It took awhile from that day — years in fact — to get here, but that just makes me dream even bigger, and it sure as hell helps that Cath shares the same dream.

So on that note – a few things about this outfit — first off, this H&M Caftan spoke to me because of its’ free-flowing and not-suffocating-my-body nature, and I’ve got to say, it is certain to become a staple in my wardrobe this summer. There’s nothing that I love more than something I can just throw on and — voila! outfit made. (I’ll probably grab it in a few other colors as well).  Second of all, we all know I like to throw the fashion rulebook out the window, so these sparkly socks with suede heels (even in the middle of the summer!) were a must to keep up the feeling-like-I’m-glowing aura that came with the bright color of the dress.  And you can’t go wrong pairing Chanel + Ray-Bans with anything. SO, there we have it. What fashion rules will you break this summer? H&M Bloglovin Entry

H&M Bloglovin EntryH&M Bloglovin EntryH&M Bloglovin EntryH&M Bloglovin EntryPatterned Dress, H&M // Socks, Topshop // Icons, Ray-Ban. // Heels (safe, splurge)
Arm Party: Watch // Bangles // Beads

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