Noir + Blanc

Do you guys have anything in life that you seriously regret? I don’t mean, like, oops. I mean, something you can’t go back and change?

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Summer Set

*As seen on The Crystal PressBlue Set 6A few weeks ago John and I threw a housewarming party and I am still feeling so thankful for all of the friends and family who helped us celebrate. We introduced all of our friends and family to our new home and I am just overwhelmed by the love and support we have around us. 50 or more people from all different aspects of our lives showed up to help us stock the bar, play some cornhole and mostly just chat and carry on for hours and and hours. It was a great excuse to get all of our different friend groups together on a hot, HOT summer night.  If I do say so myself, we threw a hell of a party! Continue reading “Summer Set”