NEW, Old Things

*As seen on The Crystal PressScarf 1

Sure, we all love new things. For example, I haven’t taken off these Soludos platform espadrilles since they came in the mail last week. However, sometimes there is such a thrill in finding new, old things! Richmond has an amazing thrift-ing scene with a bunch of really great vintage finds and I should take advantage of it more than I do, tbh. I have to admit that sometimes I don’t have the patience for shopping of any kind (just ask Cath), which is why I’m guilty of always buying things online, but I always get excited to find a real gem in the corner of a favorite vintage shop.  I got this awesome animal plated belt from Blue Bones Vintage a few months back and have recently become re-obsessed with it! Lauren, who curates Blue Bones, always has such a great collection of items in her store and this is me publicly vowing to go in there more often!

Scarf 2Scarf 3Scarf 4Scarf 5Scarf 7Scarf 6Scarf 8

Forever 21 Maxi Dress (similar) // Soludos Platform Espadrilles // Vintage Belt (similar) // Ray Ban Icon Sunnies // Bandana Silk Scarf  – its on sale!!// Louis Vuitton Sully MM


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