lava store – pacaya volcano

During my trip to Guatemala we hiked up to see the Pacaya Volcano. This volcano erupted in May 2010 causing many locals to lose their homes and livelihoods. Out of this disruption and despair, the Lava Store was born.  In order to regenerate their economy and gain back some of what they lost,  two passionate men looked to artisans in the community who started to make jewelry from the lava produced by the eruption & coconut shells. The stuff is amazing!!!! The Lava Store is located on the volcano and is full of many little treasures! John and I picked up a few pieces and were truly inspired by the story, So I wanted to pass it along!  You can read more about it HERE & you can even order jewelry there as well. It’s a truly special cause. Here are some photos of the volcano, the store & our jewelry!!

pacaya volcano
the store is down that path in the distance!






these silver & lava earrings are my new go-to!


lava store
John loves his volcano bracelet!


again, my new favorite earrings!

see more photos from the Guatemala trip HERE! So many inspiring places, people & stories – not to mention the most beautiful views.




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